Every girl wants to walk down the aisle grandly. Rebecca, 49, of 90 Days Fiance, wants the same, i.e. her last wedding to be great. Well, here comes the twist when Zied says that he wants to marry Rebecca before Ramadan. If that happens, the couple will hurry, and Rebecca’s dream will be left behind. Everything now depends on Rebecca’s choice. She will either have to choose to marry in a few weeks or walk away from it. This is not it; there are several more complications on the way. Scroll below to know the details.

Zied Blast The Marriage News

In 90 Days Fiance’s last release, fans saw Zied coming with a blast of marriage. Rebecca was excited when Zied came to visit her all from Tunisia. The couple has major age and distance gap. Well, this has not been as much a problem as now marriage has become. Zied reveals to Rebecca that they will have to get married before starting Ramadan. If not, then Zied will have to return back to his country.

Zied says, “I have a visa for three months, but I want to marry you before Ramadan. If we don’t do so, then we will not be able to marry in Ramadan.” As per his religion, people do not marry in Ramadan. Well, after Ramadan, Zied’s visa finishes in just a week. Therefore, the only choice that Rebecca is left with is to keep her marriage dreams aside.

Rebecca Decides To Step Aside From The Marriage Proposal

Rebecca does not want to rush into anything. She clearly says, “Seriously, I’m not going to marry you before Ramadan

.” The marriage takes place when both the person agrees with the situation. Although the same is not here. The couple can’t live together if they don’t marry before Ramadan. So, if Zied stays at Rebecca’s and does not marry her until Ramadan, then one of the people will have to find another place to live in. To this, Rebecca says, “wait, you are telling me that I can not sleep in my own home…” Plus, there is a coronavirus situation. The Pandemic can come back to life anytime. Also, Zied fears the lockdown situation, as he will get stuck in America.

Rebecca is frustrated. And, Zied is in the same situation. His K-1 visa ends just after a week of Ramadan. However, Rebecca does not want to rush into anything. Her past experience was not good enough. Rebecca’s marriage with Morocco

ended as both tied the knot in a hurry and didn’t have the time to know each other before marriage. She doesn’t want the same situation to repeat once again.

Rebecca and Zied don’t know how to handle the situation. There will either be a crack in the relationship or the couple hurrying to walk down the aisle. What do you think can happen? Let us know your thoughts below in the comment section.

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