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Vios Fertility Institute announced today that it will now offer “egg grading” to their list of reproductive health services throughout the Chicagoland area. Until now, there has been no method to assess a woman’s egg just by looking at them inside the IVF lab. Even embryologists don’t have a standard scoring system (which is different than embryos which are routinely graded by their development and appearance). Future Fertility, a Toronto based start-up has tackled this problem using Artificial Intelligence and created the world’s first fully automated egg-scoring algorithm that Vios is now offering to patients in their Chicago-West Loop lab.

This non-invasive, image analysis tool can evaluate a woman’s eggs. The AI machine dubbed VIOLET is a hybrid hardware / software platform that can be used with any standard light microscope and can instantaneously analyze the quality (grade) of an egg and predict its reproductive outcome. Based on a single image, Violet can already predict successful fertilization with almost 90% accuracy and blastocyst development in almost two thirds of cases. This diagnostic and predictive tool can become essential for women undergoing social egg freezing and IVF to help predict successful outcomes and provide meaningful feedback on their eggs.

“The lack of insights into egg quality is most clearly seen in patients that are freezing their eggs for the future (social egg freezing)”, explains Dr. Dan Nayot, Chief Medical Officer of Future Fertility. “The current feedback these patients receive rely solely on their age and the number of eggs frozen. This standard generic modelling assumes that each egg for each age group is equivalent and no personalized feedback is provided based on the actual eggs themselves. This is a very solvable problem using the right approach of AI image analysis that will continue to improve as we gather more data. We are fortunate enough to have visionaries like Dr. Beltsos support us from our inception and help us reach this exciting milestone”.

“Innovations like VIOLET provide new technologies which help advance the field of fertility treatment while pushing the envelope to try bold new ideas. Some are incredible pivots and others are small details…but both move the industry into higher success,” adds Dr. Angie Beltsos, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Vios Fertility Institute.

Pricing for VIOLET is $500 and includes the capturing of oocyte images, uploading images to Future Fertility, and VIOLET assessment & report. For more information please contact Vios Fertility Institute at 866.258.8467 or visit

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