• Peace unites enemies which is a great accomplishment.
  • To love your enemy is a lot to expect from human beings.
  • Human beings need law and order to create an environment for life.

Israel and UAE have made peace. UAE is the most liberal of all the Arab Republics in the Gulf. This year Pope Francis was invited by UAE to visit and pray in their land. He wrote a tweet: This visit to the UAE belongs to the surprises of God. So let us praise Him and his providence and pray that the seeds sown may bring forth fruits of peace.” His prayers have been partially answered through the Abraham Accords.

Pope Francis received joyfully in the UAE.

The Catholic Church is called the Universal Church. The use of the word Universal for any religion is an exaggeration. Religions are against freedom. They come from mercy but are more interested in justice. Religions preach an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The Catholic Church is much stricter in its law than the Protestant church. Calling the Catholic Church the Universal Church is giving praise to Jesus the Messiah whose teachings and life was devoted to the Universal Faith, “Love your enemy” “He who lives by the sword will die by the sword.”

Judaism could also be called the Universal Religion. Moses revealed the true meaning of freedom in the Exodus of the Jewish people from slavery and sufferings in Egypt. He placed the deepest secrets of the Universal Faith within the Torah, principally the secret of the name of God. Abraham was a man of peace even though he fought many wars including the war of God causing the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. He placed his son Isaac on an altar while Ishmael waited in the background for his chance to be sacrificed. Abraham, Isaac the father of the Jewish people, and Ishmael the father of the Arab nations were willing to sacrifice themselves for the Universal Faith and Peace.

Christianity, Islam and Judaism changed the meaning of Universal Faith to make religions which are the opposite of Universal, national religions whose purposes were to conquer the world by force. From the Universal prophet Moses was established the empire of Zion after was conquered the land of Israel. From Christ who sacrificed his life for the Universal spirit came the Byzantine Empire which committed Genocide in the name of Christ. From Abraham and Ishmael came the nation of Islam which attempted to conquer the world until the Ottoman Empire fell in World War I but not before it displaced and murdered 1.5 million Armenians. The word of God was reversed from love to fear and hate.

Religions have a different purpose than faith. The goal of faith is to unite unexclusively without judgement, God is one and his name is one. Religion separates people according to its law.  In the Universal faith there is only one. In religion the law God is one and separate. The establishment in a religion maintain the separate identity of their religion and their followers although the religion may be monotheistic believing in One God. The Universal Faith has a law which is the law of equality where there is freedom. Religion preaches the Law of God in which people are divided into two categories which are righteous and sinner. The religious establishment enforces this law.

Today there is an establishment in the world of medicine, WHO and FDA.  Despite the claims of Dr. Vladmir Zelenko about his innovative treatment for Corona virus using Hydrochloroquine, Zinc, Azithromycin for patients in the danger category in the early stages of the disease; the establishment would not accept him without doing further testing.  They would not have begun to test his innovative treatment at all, if not for the pressure applied by President Trump. More and more clinics are using his techniques throughout the world with positive results.

The establishment still has not accepted his innovative technique of treatment, not by WHO. FDA, in Israel, America and in most places. The establishment is more interested in a vaccine for Corona.  A vaccine for Corona for sure will calm the environment but if and when will come another Corona virus Covid-22 for example it will be necessary to produce another vaccine. The world may again face lockdown. The approach used by Dr. Zelenko has universal benefits for all types of Covid virus which makes it even more important. Dr. Zelenko is suffering cancer of the heart and should have a speedy healing.

Dr. Zelenko who discovered the miracle treatment for Corona.

Religion is an establishment. Each religion claims to be the true representative of God. Their establishments look at new energies from new prophets as dangerous. The prophet of Baha”i preached the Universal faith in Acre during the Ottoman Empire. According to the Koran, Mohammed is the last prophet. Baha-u-llah was imprisoned by the Islamic establishment.  The peace treaty made between Israel and UAE was possible to make when both nations were open to democracy and President Trump of America.

The Ultra-Orthodox fundamentalists in Judaism and Islam are against democracy.  These religions are establishments which preach theocracy. Most of the Catholic Church criticized Pope Francis for his visit to UAE.  Baha”i faith as taught by their prophet, accepts Ultra-Orthodox fundamentalists from Judaism, Christinianity and Islam; but gives freedom to all people to be also universal. To be universal alone is like democracy without religion unlimited freedom which has developed into anarchy in America.  The best approach toward ending Corona Pandemic is to produce an approach of healing with anti-viral medicine like Hydrochloroquine, Remdesvir and also to produce a vaccine. In this way will be produced Herd Immunity for Corona and the world will be prepared for another virus Covid-22.  When establishments are too rigid it is not good. There needs to be flexibility in religion, politics and medicine.

There is a difference between the prophets of truth and other religious leaders throughout history. Most religious leaders work to strengthen the establishment and reject change. Only exceptional people in world history have been able to bridge the gap between religion and the universal faith. Religion is looking at the imperfection of mankind, the universal faith believes that there is perfection. God is perfect and his creation is for this reason perfect. Atheists will argue against both sides of spirituality.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe declared at the end of his eternal life that the world is in the Messianic Age.  He made changes in Judaism to open up the way for the revelation of the Messiah. Progressive Jewish Spirituality accepts the Rebbe as the Messiah of the Jewish faith even though the holy temple has not yet been rebuilt. Progressive Jewish Spirituality believes in the resurrection of Moses; and that Moses, Jesus and Mohammed are alive living under the Temple Mount rejoicing with love of God and dancing together. The religious establishments will not accept Progressive Jewish Spirituality or Baha”i faith. It is not their purpose. In a free world each person has the right to choose the best path of life for him. The Universal Faith is adult education like the esoteric studies of Judaism for adults 40 years and up.  Religion is for women, children and their families until they become senior citizens. People need to be educated first in fear of God; to merit to reach the higher levels of love of God and mercy.

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