The Saints picked up just a win in six matches during the 30-day fasting period observed by the African trio

Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl said Mohammed Salisu, Moussa Djenepo and Ibrahima Diallo struggled to make an impact during the Ramadan period.

Ramadan is a holy month in the Islamic calendar and Muslim faithful are required to abstain from food and drinks from dawn to dusk for 30 days.

It ended on Wednesday and the Austrian coach pointed out that this year’s fasting had more impact on his players than the previous ones.

During the period, Southampton endured a run of poor results as they lost five of their six matches, including their FA Cup semi-final clash against Leicester City on April 18.

“It was never that much a feeling of an impact for the players like this season to be honest,” Hasenhuttl told the Daily Echo.

“I had the feeling that they definitely were struggling. But maybe because when the Ramadan is in June or May or April, the days are longer, you eat later, you have to stand up very early and it is a little bit easier I think when Ramadan is in November or December.

“Then it has maybe not such a big impact in the performance of the players. But it’s normal when you don’t eat the whole day and you’re not allowed to drink the whole day and you have the game at 8 o’clock in the evening, we had in the last game also a break for the Ramadan players to get them a drink, then it is normal that you cannot be on the same level like the other players.

“They eat normal, they sleep normal and have the chance to fill up their energy with all they have to do normally.”

Hasenhuttl is anticipating to see the Ghana defender Salisu alongside Mali’s Djenepo and Senegalese descent Diallo give their 100 per cent in the last three matches of the season.

“The positive thing is that Ramadan has now finished so these lads will now come back to a normal rhythm with sleeping in the night and eating in the day,” he continued.

“This will bring them back to 100 per cent, this is for Ibra, Moussa and Sali. It’s important, I think.”

The Saints, who are 14th in the Premier League table, welcome relegated Fulham to St Mary’s Stadium for a league clash on Saturday.

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