TEHRAN (IQNA) – Sharjah Quran Radio plans to air a collection of rare Quran recitations by various Qaris in September.


According to sharjah24.ae, the collection includes 5 programs to be aired by the radio channel, which is affiliated to the UAE’s Radio and Television Association.

Khatmat-ul-Haramain for the year 1441, Mushaf Murtal, Nawadir Al-Telawat, Li-Yaddabbaru Ayatih and Rouh-ul-Ayat are the titles of the Quranic programs.

The Mushaf Murtal will include a Tarteel recitation of the Quran by Ahmad Deeban, a famous Qari of the Muslim world.

Mushaf Murtal will be exclusively broadcast on Sharjah Quran Radio. 



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