Officials during the virtual session.

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Sharjah Islamic Bank (SIB) in co-operation with the Sharjah Directorate of Human Resources, recently organised a virtual session to introduce the Waffer Discounts Programme.

The session was conducted live on SIB’s Instagram account and discussed the various incentives, exclusive offers provided to beneficiaries as part of the programme. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between the two parties in the beginning of the year.

The session was moderated by Hassan Al Balghouni, Head of Corporate Communication at SIB, Jawaher Seif Al Oud, Director of the Events and Activities Office at Sharjah Directorate of Human Resources and Director of Waffer Programme along with Amin Al Sahlawi, Head of Retail Support and Control at SIB. Several social media followers of the bank logged in for this particular session, to learn more about the privileges offered as part of the programme.

Amin Al Sahlawi said: “The offers and facilities offered by SIB allows customers to best utilise the services offered by the bank. Our goal has always been to serve the society and contribute towards its overall development.”

“The Package offer several benefits to Waffer card beneficiaries, including the “Welcome Bonus,” available to customers when transferring their salaries to SIB. The bonus could range from Dhs 250 to Dhs 1,000 depending on the customer’s salary, in addition to the personal finance options available, offering a profit rate of up to 2.89 per cent annually, with flexibility in first installment and postponement of installments, along with car financing with profits starting from 2.79 per cent and real estate rates starting from 1.79 per cent plus 6 months EIBOR,” Al Sahlawi added.

Al Sahlawi further added: “The bank’s package also includes the “Tayseer Plus,” loan service. The service is good for customers drawing salaries of Dhs 5,000 or below, providing them with the opportunity to withdraw cash six times this salary, which can be paid over a period of a year. If paid under six months, customers will be exempted from paying any fees and can avail certain services from the bank for free.”

Al Sahlawi pointed out: “The Waffer card beneficiaries are also eligible to receive the “Smiles” card from MasterCard. On application, the beneficiary gets 50,000 additional points, equivalent to Dhs 925. This in turn provides a distinct new rewards programme for travel enthusiasts and businessmen, allowing holders to obtain points for every dirham spent locally and internationally, with the possibility of redeeming them for free flights accepted by over 300 airlines, and more than 300,000 hotels spread across the world, as well as vouchers and cash backs. The first two categories are “Smiles Titanium,” which is free for life, and “Smiles World,” with fees waived during the first year”.

Those enrolled into the programme can transfer obligations from other banks to SIB. Among the services is the “Zero Profits,” a personal financing programme dedicated for travel, education and treatment. The bank also provides a range of digital services to members of the Waffer Discounts Programme, along with many other services.

Jawaher Seif Al Oud: “The Sharjah Directorate of Human Resources, as part of its strategic plan for the Waffer Discounts Programme, seeks to provide incentives and diverse services to the beneficiaries of the programme. By doing so, the department seeks to strengthen its partnership efforts and bolster its image in the banking sector, especially with SIB.”

The programme offers many privileges and services under 29 categories to approximately 600 companies providing these services to about 58,000 beneficiaries within 118 entities. The discounts, offers and facilities provided are promoted through the various modes of communication available, and companies can participate in all promotional opportunities, in order to ensure that the offers are delivered to all the beneficiaries of the card.

“The department is keen to unify efforts and strengthen cooperation between the governmental and private institutions and sectors of the emirate. We wish to work together is achieving our common goals, aimed at improving performance and providing the best service in the emirate, that align with the vision of the wise leadership of the Emirate of Sharjah,” Al Oud added.

She explained that efforts are ongoing to better promote the services offered under the Waffer Discounts Programme to the beneficiaries at their workplaces. This is being done by the application or by email to beneficiaries. In light of the present circumstances created due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the bank will have remote communication facilities in place for promoting and presenting offers to the beneficiaries and informing them of all new developments regarding the programme.

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