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Usama Dakdok & Kristie Johnson – Many people of the USA are recognizing that something unusual is going on in America. But should we have known this was coming all along? Of course, Jesus warned us. Voices have warned for years to pay attention. Let’s pray it is not too late to wake up America. (We’re LIVE online. Or LIVE by phone: (319) 527-6706. Comment hit #1. Hear podcast after live show.) Usama has been warned for years that Islam in America would bring destruction to our country. But is it really happening now? Will more Muslims join with BLM? We failed to see this hatred and violence coming to the USA. BLM hate police. Muslims love Socialism (ask Hitler). Ignorance could destroy us. Learn the truth about Islam from its sources: the Qur’an & Hadith (Mohammed’s words). We love Muslims, hate Islam! God Save America, protect Israel. for Generous Qur’an, e-books, videos. Have Usama speak. FB: Twitter: @UsamaDakdok or Kristie Johnson @NdTimesNAmerica YouTube Usama on M-F 12:30 PM CT on VCY America Radio: Usama’s TV Channel: Global Patriot FB: Twitter: @gpatriotradio


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