Narrated Salama: I heard the Prophet (PBUH) saying, “Whoever (intentionally) ascribes to me what I have not said then (surely) let him occupy his seat in Hell-fire.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 109)

Islam says that it is the sole responsibility of Ulema (Islamic scholar) to postulate factual, authentic, conceptual and contextual interpretation of the Quran and the Hadees to the Muslims for building prosperous and peaceful community, preventing spread of radicalisation and extremism that not only blemish Muslims psychologically, economically and socially, but also defame the true image of Islam-the religion of peace and harmony.

Some Aalims (scholars) claim that they have appreciable comprehension and understanding of the Islamic doctrine and give long speeches in public without proper research and analysis of the Verses and Hadees which are later quoted by novices and people with vested interests for the expansion of extremist groups and organisations. Religion, creed and ideology are core platform that constitutes various pathways which helps the human beings to construct their careers and future goals. Sometimes these human beings are psychologically exploited by using religion as a tool which results in growth of radicalisation. he present coronavirus pandemic has affected a large number of people, particularly the Muslim community: psychologically, economically and socially. Disillusionment, dilemma, depressions, fragmentations, hopelessness and purposelessness have made rampant inroads in the society. In these indignant times, prominent and admired Ulemas should guide Muslims to adopt pathways of patience, consistency and optimism; and prevent them from the perilous ways of extremism and radicalisation that have no space in the Islam because it is the religion of moderate path, peace and prosperity. The Ulemas must ask the Muslims to adopt the ways of Ayub (A.S) in the time of difficulties because he had endured the most painful disease to inspire Muslims not be pessimist and helpless as the Quran says, “Don’t lose hope in Allah’s mercy” (39:53). As it is said that the darkness fades away by the powerful sun, similarly depressions and dilemma will decay by hope and patience.

“Convey from me, even you know a single verse of Quran” (Hadees)
The Hadees implies that every Muslim should propagate and convey meassage, knowledge and information about religion, faith and patience even if they know a single verse of the Quran and the Hadees. It does not mean that anyone will say anything without proper learning and investigation. There are some fundamental principles that can only be conveyed/ delivered by the Mufti (Islamic Jurist), however, no one should try to utter such words and decree that devastate culture and faith of Muslims. Today, the need of the hour is to explore and reinterpret the Hadees and the Quran according to the current scenario but the same must be done by Mufti (Islamic Jurists). Muslims must not believe in anything and everything that is broadcasted over social media. The onus falls on the educated Muslims to explore and do research before believing anything shared over social media. Only this can prevent expansion of extremism and radicalisation.

Many Ulemas have the habit of preaching in different conferences and meetings and their speeches are available at different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. These speeches are watched by millions of people with selective interpretations satisfying their own dark side. These selective interpretations result in growth of extremism and radicalisation. One of such prominent Islamic Scholar is Dr. Zakir Naik, who has been delivering speech in Peace TV for many years which were later banned in India. His speeches were selectively interpreted by indifferent youths which resulted in incidents like suicide bombing, mob lynching, etc. Although, Dr. Zakir Naik is presently hiding in Malaysia away from the grasp of the Indian authorities, his followers are languishing in jails in India. All the lives lost or wasted in jail are a direct result of the radical speeches of Dr. Naik for which he is answerable both in the Indian courts as well as in the courts of Allah.

Spread of radicalisation has various aspects in India which combined with radical speeches by the Ulemas lead to exploding situations. Keeping this in mind, the Ulemas should take rational steps to reinterpret the Quranic Verses and the Hadees to address various issues faced by Muslim and protect them from anti-Islamic extremist organisations who use selective excerpts from radical speeches of the Ulemas and send the innocent Muslims on wrong path for their own gains. The Ulemas must guide all the Muslims to follow the path of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) who always preferred peace over violence and promoted amity and brotherhood at all cost.

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