KARACHI             –        The Sindh chapter of the Pakistan Peoples Party has announced that it will hold protest demonstrations in every district of Sindh on August 19 against what it said the plan being made by the federal government to assume the administrative control of Karachi.

In a statement issued on Saturday, PPP Sindh Chapter General Secretary Waqar Mehdi said that they would never let Karachi wrested away from the Sindh government to make it a federal colony. He condemned the efforts on the part of the federal government of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf to assume the administrative control of Karachi. He said that protests would be held across the province against the intentions of the federal authorities to usurp the control of Karachi.

The executive committee of the PPP Sindh in its meeting on August 13 had expressed serious concerns over reports that plans were being made to let the federal government assume the administrative control of Karachi. Participants of the meeting said that it would never withdraw its claim concerning due rights of the province nor it would let the federal government assume the control of Karachi which was the capital city of Sindh. The PPP Sindh’s executive committee was of the opinion that the federal government had completely ignored the cause of development of Karachi.

The participants of the meeting said that the constitution of Pakistan had barred the federal government from interfering in the domain of the provincial government. The PPP Sindh chapter also said on the occasion that no area under the control of any province could be surrendered to the Centre.

Participants of the meeting reaffirmed their resolve to safeguard the 18th Constitutional Amendment and continue with their struggle for the rights of Sindh. They said that any move to cause harm to the unity of Sindh would sternly be resisted by them.

Any plan to change Sindh’s status will not be tolerated: Minister

Provincial Minister for Anti-Corruption, Industries, Commerce and Cooperative Department Sindh Jam Ikramullah Dharejo said on Sunday that repeated attacks on Sindh were clear evidence of prejudice.

“Sindh is asking for nothing but its legitimate rights, while the incompetent selected government is doing nothing but childish acts,” he said while visiting different areas of Ghotki and meeting various delegations. Dharejo reached Adilpur and offered Fateha over the demise of Tajuddin Kalor’s brother. He also attended the marriage ceremony of nephews of Hafiz Ahmed Muhammad Chachar in Ghotki.

He further said that the incompetent selected federal rulers had made the lives of the people miserable due to their incompetence. The rulers were doing nothing but making empty claims. He said that repeated attacks on Sindh were clear evidence of prejudice. The province that gave birth to Pakistan today had a sense of deprivation. The minister said that Sindh was asking for nothing but its legitimate rights but the present federal government had only cultivated the politics of hatred and the selected government was childish. It was doing nothing for the people of Pakistan.

Dharejo said that the Sindh government was being unjustifiably criticized. “Critics should sweep before their own door that how many people of their provinces are earning employment in Sindh.” He was of the opinion that Sindh was the land of Sufis and saints and Sindh was free from prejudice. He was accompanied by a large number of party workers and office-bearers including PPP Ghotki District General Secretary Sikandar Lakho.




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