Kumarakom: It has been days since the news about Bengaluru drug racket case accused Muhammed Anoop and his gang conducting a drug party at a resort in Kumarakom came out.

However, the police intelligence officials are yet to identify the resort where the drug party was held.

Earlier, Muslim Youth League leader P. K. Firoz had alleged that Bineesh Kodiyeri had attended the night party.  Firoz released pictures of Bineesh at the party from social media.  

While the images were taken from inside the rooms of the resort, the police intelligence officials tried to identify the resort but in vain. The state police intelligence department has failed to identify the resort which is linked to a very important case being investigated by the Narcotic Control Bureau (NCB).

The failure to identify the resort in a tourist place like Kumarakom has resulted in rumblings within the department. Due to the coronavirus lockdown, most of the resorts in Kumarakom are closed.


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