TEHRAN (IQNA) – Eager to learn about Islam, hundreds of expatriates participated in a unique Quran quiz contest, organized by the Islamic Information Centre (IIC) of Dubai, the UAE.


Participants who registered for the contest during Ramadan received their quiz links towards the end of the month on their e-mails. Top scorers stand a chance of winning cash gifts worth Dh10,000.

Rashid Al Junaibi, director of the IIC in Dubai, said: “This event has been done in line with the tolerance agenda of the UAE, to promote better understanding of the Islamic faith amongst non-Muslim residents in the country. The response has been overwhelming with over 370 participants from different nationalities and religions.”

All quiz-takers could get a free copy of the Holy Quran or read an e-version of the holy book by logging on to www.islamicic.com/quranquiz.

Indian expat Dhanya Rajeesh, a Hindu, said she managed to finish reading the Holy Quran in almost a week and enjoyed learning about Islam. “This is the first time I got the chance to read the full Quran. I enjoyed reading it and found out that its principles were beautiful. I also realized that the teachings of all religions are so similar, it is only that we practice them differently in different religions. The message of peace and harmony is similar. I have already submitted my answers for the quiz I received and now I am eagerly waiting for my Quran quiz results,” she said excitedly.

French expat Almasa Francouse Alunni said it was a great opportunity. “I am French Catholic and I pledge for interfaith harmony. It was a very good experience to get to know Islam better. I devoted 35 to 40 minutes every day, since I received my free copy of the Quran last week. I found it very informative read and now I am better equipped to make comparisons with my religion and I can see some correlation between Islam and Christianity. I learnt such amazing facts about Islam that I didn’t know before, such as there is so much importance given to values such as respect for others, tolerance, and generosity.”


Source: khaleejtimes.com

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