Speaking on the Bengaluru riots, where violent Muslim mobs rampaged across the streets on Tuesday evening, the self-proclaimed ‘journalist’ Abhisar Sharma, has claimed that the Muslims should not have rioted as the “BJP propaganda machinery” would now use this episode to target them and create problems for them. In his show on HW Network, a platform used by molestation accused Vinod Dua to propagate fake news as well, Abhisar Sharma tries hard to come across as a secular “Indian” who, at all cost, proscribes this act of violence, but as he proceeds, sooner than expected, his real concerns are exposed.

At 2.15 minutes into the video, the fake new peddler asserts that the BJP would use this incident against the Muslims and create problems for them in the future.

At 4.54 minutes, he shares a Tweet by BJP spokesperson Sambhit Patra to reiterate that BJP has already started using this incident to spread a false narrative. He alludes that the BJP spokesperson used the Bengaluru incident to target the Dalit and Muslim community. “Since the Congress leader who was attacked was a Dalit, the BJP leader has cleverly used the riots to beautifully craft a caste angle”, sais Abhisar Sharma.

Abhisar Sharma speaks on Bengaluru violence in his show on HW network

Abhisar Sharma in a rush to gain accolades refers to Kamlesh Tiwari as Kamlesh Tripathi

Abhisar Sharma, who was once caught spreading fake news by morphing images to target other journalist, brings up the brutal murder of Kamlesh Tiwari, who was hacked to death by Islamists. To gain some plaudits, the so-called journalist says that he had earlier in one of his shows condemned the political leaders who had demanded a death penalty for the Hindu activist for blasphemy. In his excitement to gather the accolades, the ‘journalist’, at around 3.04 minutes, not once but twice, refers to Kamesh Tiwari as Kamlesh Tripathi.

Rioters have no religion but ‘saviours of temples from rioters’ do

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Abhisar Sharma, at 3.45 minutes into the show goes all out to hail the “saviours of the temple”. Sharing the video, which has been widely circulated on social media, he too lauded how Muslim youth formed a ‘human chain’ to ‘safeguard’ a temple from ‘unruly mob’. Calling it a “happy news”, Abhisar Sharma rants how this “pleasant” act exhibits the secular fabric of India. Sharma, who lauds the ‘Muslim youths’ who are creating ‘human chain’ to guard temple, forgets that the attackers were also their own Muslim brethren.

Well, this adulation does not come as a surprise, considering Abhsar Sharma is also an integral part of the same bandwagon who had also taken to social media to hail the Muslim ‘human chain’. For them, the ‘arsonists’ did not have a religion, but men making ‘human chain’ to ‘protect temple’ did.

Violent Muslim mobs had run riots in Bengaluru’s KG Halli and DJ Halli areas on the evening of 11 August, torching dozens of vehicles and attacking two police stations. Over 60 policemen have been injured. The Muslim mob had also attacked the residence of Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy.

The rioting was reportedly planned after some Muslims had outraged against a Facebook post shared by the nephew of the MLA which was allegedly derogatory against their Prophet Muhammad.

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