“He hasn’t done a deep dive into the statements by these two particular women,” McEnany said during a White House news briefing. “I don’t know if he has even seen that, but he supports the Muslim community and he supports faith more broadly in this country.”

Loomer has been banned from Twitter and Facebook for her racist comments, including calling Islam a “cancer on humanity.” She has also been banned from Uber and Lyft and, according to CNN, once tweeted that “someone needs to create a non Islamic form of Uber or Lyft because I never want to support another Islamic immigrant driver.”

POLITICO obtained videos in June of Greene making racist tirades against Black people, Jews and Muslims. House Republican leadership condemned the videos shortly after. Greene has also been a vocal supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory — an elaborate fabrication that members of the so-called deep state are running a child sex ring that Trump is working to dismantle.

Despite their racist comments, Loomer and Greene secured their party’s nomination in their Florida and Georgia districts. In his congratulatory tweets, Trump called Greene a “future Republican star” and a “real WINNER!” For Loomer, he tweeted: “Great going Laura. You have a great chance against a Pelosi puppet!” Loomer will face of Democratic Rep. Lois Frankel in the general election.

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