In our new series called, ‘I need advice’, we bring you pertinent questions that real-life people have asked in publications around the world. These are hard-hitting issues faced by men and women today. The questions could range from family, relationships and work, to abuse and sex.


Here is today’s question:

I am a Hindu in a steady relationship with a Muslim. We want to get married as soon as possible. We are perfect for each other, and we make each other happy.

But, living in an Indian society, and especially in the India of today, this is considered a sin.

I fail to understand why society should have any say in our personal matters. He has not asked me to change my religion, nor have I asked him to. In fact, he offered to change his religion in order to marry me, but I refused. Why should one give up their faith for a partner? Doesn’t love transcend religion?

I am constantly looked down upon and I know that the trolls will have a field day with my problem.

My parents too are upset. My father is against the relationship not because he is racist, but because of the amount of hate that I already receive from neighbours, family etc, and will continue to receive. He is fearful of the life that I will have to live once I marry him.

How can I convince everyone? I do not want to run away. I want everyone in my family to be happy.

What to do?


What is your advice to her? Tell us in the comment space below.

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