BUSINESSMAN Gaurav Trehan of TPG Capital is hosting the opening of his wife Natasha’s art show. Natasha’s works are inspired by the philosophy of Sufism, which the Delhi-raised lady says she finds mystical and practical, as well as passive and assertive, at the same time. The show at Kala Ghoda’s House of Tales gallery will be inaugurated on January 24 by leading lawyer Zia Mody. Among the expected guests at the preview are Jaidev Shroff, Abhishek and Vinti Lodha, Bharat and Sitakshi Khanna, Sunil Nahar as well as Navin and Ritu Makhija.



EVEN as this sports star’s professional life may be soaring, we hear her personal life with dear husband is hiccupping a little. The couple’s marriage has withstood much scrutiny over the years, and the two have handled it with wit and grace. Lately, however, they seem to be making very few appearances together. And then there is this rather cryptic social media post that made a lot of noise for all the wrong reasons.

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