Begum Restaurant & Gallery is hosting a month long exhibition, titled Fana Fillah by artist Ayreen Khan, at its premises. The exhibition was inaugurated recently by a musical performance that featured Arnob, among others.

Ayreen Khan has been working on artworks for only about a year. Yet, her exploration of her own self and Sufism is relayed in her artworks in a mature manner. Since her understanding of Sufism comes from passion, her emotions takes over her work and the observer is mesmerised by her concepts. Paying lesser attention to technical skills, people’s eyes tend to roam across the hues and shapes in the paintings which seem to be in perpetual movement, mentions curator Ronni Ahmmed.

“Sufism is a path of purification that investigates the truth about self,” said Ayreen about her journey in both the art and spiritual world. “This exhibition is the expression of a deeper desire to find my roots while unravelling the truth of universe”. 

What makes the exhibition most interesting is the location. Unlike other prominent galleries where audiences are expected in large numbers, this is located outside the main city. Visitors here will not only be treated with art but also with a serene environment, free from the hustle and bustle of Dhaka city. It also has a backyard amidst a small pond, bamboos and trees, open to all visitors.  

This exhibition will conclude on November 30.  


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