Dazaran effectively completes its online operation for Eid ul Azha
Dazaran effectively completes its online operation for Eid ul Azha

ISLAMABAD, Aug 12 (APP): The local digital company ‘Dazaran’ has successfully completed its online digital operation through its one window function for sale and purchase of cattle’s and slaughter house facility for Eid ul Azha.

This operation for Eid days services successfully completed and Dazaran has introduced the new trends in local market to promote E- Commerce in twins cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the Director Operation of  Digital online E-commerce platform Dazaran , Qurat ul Ain Zaidi told APP here on Wednesday.

She said that now the Company wanted to initiate the new operational activities for Youm-e – Ashura by August 28-29 of this month.

The director informed that for all this, the operation mechanism during Youm-e – Ashura days had also been finalized and the company had obtained the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the local administration.

She said that Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, Hamza Shafqaat issued NOC to Dazaran foods to support the services in the twin cities.

Replying to question ,She said that during the COVID -19 pandemic, the customers and buyers were not able to rush to ‘Mandi’ for purchasing of cattles, consequently in this challenging situation,  Dazaran had provided digital facility for every citizen of the twin cities to avail the chance of online buying and selling of cattle’s including the Eid days services.

While expressing her views during the online service during Eid days, she said that “Qurbani Online” services had offered two categories of different packages for customers to avail the online facilities to purchase goat, sheep, cows, camels and buffalo at affordable prices.

She said “We had offered these facilities for people even on all three days of Eid -ul –Azha , customers availed their orders for butchers too on variable rates in all three days of  Qurbani rituals.”

Qurat said that in all three days of Eid, butchers was available at Rs 5000 and on word for the second and third day on the price of Rs 4000, the slaughter service of small cattle including goat and sheep had been provided by Dazaran.

She added that the service for big cattles, the customers had availed butchers for cows and camels in changed prices Rs 18,000 to Rs 20,000 for each animal. She informed that that there were some simple terms and conditions to purchase animals for Eid ul Azha, according to that buyer had to pay 75% amount after ordering its product and the rest of the 25% amount would pay on the time of delivery.

She said that the consumers had used Jazz Cash and Bank accounts to transfer the money. Through its E-commerce platform ‘Dazaran’ provided the online service for Eid -ul -Azha including all facilities for the people of the twin cities, she said. The Eid ul Azha online digital platform was an innovative idea to promote digital online sale and purchase culture of all big and small cattle and also offered all related service for the people in all three days of the holy festival, Qurat added.

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