The number of Covid-19 patients in eight districts of Rangpur division is on the rise, especially after the Eid-ul-Adha.

The upward trend is detected in the data provided by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) office in Rangpur. 

In five of the districts — Dinajpur, Kurigram, Lalmonirhat, Thakurgaon, and Panchagarh — the infection doubled in one month’s time since the Eid was celebrated on August 1.

From March 10 till July 31, recorded infection case was 6,184. On September 2, the figure rose to 10,629, based on test results from 58,745 samples collected.

As of September 2, the DGHS recorded 181 Covid-19 deaths in the five districts. The death count there was 108 on July 31 and 49 on June 30.

In the meantime, the rate of recovery also doubled in comparison with that in the month before.

On July 31, as many as 4,207 people recovered from Covid-19, while on September 2, 8,408 people recovered from the disease.

By far, Rangpur has seen the highest infection among all the districts, with 1,695 cases recorded as of July 31. A month later, the situation seems a bit under control, with the figure reaching to 2,486.         

Till July 31, the number of patients tested positive with Covid-19 was 1,637 in Dinajpur, 483 in Kurigram, 376 in Lalmonirhat, 369 in Thakurgaon and 318 in Panchagarh.

As of September 2, the figures were 3,135 in Dinajpur, 811 in Kurigram, 726 in Lalmonirhat, 978 in Thakurgaon and 530 in Panchagarh.

According to the DGHS data, Dinajpur witnessed 27 deaths — the highest in the division over the last one month. This raised the total death toll in the district to 63, from 36 on July 31. 

In Rangpur, 8 patients died of Covid-19 in Rangpur in the last one month. The tally reached to 39, which was 31 on July 31.

Meanwhile, the number of tests conducted has also been rising in the division every month. The swab samples are being tested at two RT-PCR laboratories set up at M Abdur Rahim Medical College in Dinajpur and Rangpur Medical College.

As many as 13,704 tests were conducted in May, 26,904 in June, 40,191 in July, and 58,745 in August, according to data provided by DGHS in Rangpur.

Most people this correspondent spoke with said that the rising trend in the infection rate in the northern districts, including Dinajpur, could be averted if the health guidelines issued by the government were followed and enforced properly.

Rezaur Rahman Rezu, member secretary of Covid-19 Infection Awareness Committee in Dinajpur, said disregard for using masks and maintaining social distancing in public transport and public places, such as markets, are causing the infection rates to rise.  

Contacted, Dinajpur Deputy Commissioner Mahmudul Alam said the administration was making the best effort in enforcing the health guidelines to curb the spread of the pandemic.

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