Over 300 members of the cathedral visited the exhibition, spoke to our volunteers and connected with the Muslim community. The cathedral also allowed us to recite the Islamic call to the prayer (adhan) out loud and offer the Islamic noon prayer which were witnessed by the public.

The exhibition also allowed people to experience the Quran by listening to some verses in the original Arabic language along with the translation. We were able to share many copies of the English translation of the Quran and other literature on Islam and Jesus (pbuh).

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The “Jesus In Islam” campaign aims to educate Muslims and non-Muslims on the life and teachings of one of the most noble Messengers of God, Jesus [peace be upon him (pbuh)].

Apart from promoting information sessions in various mosques on the Islamic perspective of Jesus (pbuh), we have formed a team of volunteers that can engage with the wider community and educate them on the Islamic perspective of Jesus (pbuh). Working with other partner organizations, we intended to set up a beautifully designed exhibition on the life of Jesus (pbuh) at various Mosques, Churches and other public institutions all across BC.

Though a high number of Canadians either self-identify as Christians or have had a Christian background, this campaign is of interest to people of no-faith or non-Muslim/Christian faith given the history and impact of Jesus’ (pbuh) life. Also, through our various outreach programs, we found that there is a lack of knowledge and awareness about the many similarities between Christians and Muslims.

This education-focused campaign is allowing us to bridge the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims which is necessary to promote co-existence and curb growing Islamophobia in Canada.

We thank God for giving us the ability and opportunity to serve His creation and spread knowledge. We are excited to take this campaign to other Churches, Mosques and Public Institutions all across Canada, and have already started to confirm bookings in other venues.

If you organization/institution wishes to learn more or set up the exhibition at your facility, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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