Extraordinary girl under Rumi’s shadow, she becomes a magnificent woman. “Rumi’s Daughter” by Muriel Maufroy marvelously written, is an epic tale of ‘True Love’ that swirls around “Kimya” Rumi’s adopted daughter as showing from its title.

The story is entirely told from the perspective of Kimya, a young yet mystical girl who lives with her family in a rural village in thirteenth-century Anatolia. Her mother Evdokia and father Farrukh worried about her, were advised by a religious scholar to send Kimya to Konya, where Maulana Jalal ud din Rumi takes her into his own family and guidance wing.

Throughout the story Rumi is not referred to as ‘Rumi’ but in fact ‘Mulana’ (guide/ teacher). This narrative beautifully captures how Kimya looks up to him as a father figure and the dynamics of her new relationship with his family.

All goes well until the arrival of Shams, a whirling dervish from Tabriz. Here the story unwraps itself to how Kimya is eventually married to an unusual man totally absorbed by his longings for God. Aching love full of passion is difficult to comprehend but soothing to read. True love is hidden somewhere deep inside everyone but the first one needs to purify their hearts from all the worldly desires. There are several startling quotes stated through the character’s conversation, few are mentioned below:

“Love has no end. It is an ocean without shores. You have to learn to bear it”.
“God’s gifts are often difficult to appreciate; nevertheless they are gifts”
“Love has nothing to do with keeping those you love around”

Kimya’s divine journey of self-discovery makes you rethink about the purpose of this life. There are moments when you will find yourself lost in its magic. Certainly, I enjoyed reading the book but I found the ending unexpected.

Conclusively, well written and thought-provoking it is sure to draw a comparison between Elif Shafaq’s masterpiece “Forty Rules of Love”. It seemed to me that the writer enlarged the chapter about Kimya’s life out of Elif Shafaq’s book. Although it contradicts what is written by Elif Shafaq, which makes it difficult to understand the intricacy of events that happened to Kimya, Shams, and Rumi. Nonetheless, I was totally captivated by all the words of wisdom.

Maufroy proved her skills by writing this book in such a way that impresses the reader’s heart and mind. If you are interested in mysticism, Sufism, and Mulana Jalal ud din, this one is definitely for you!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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