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The Grand Ajam community center (maatam) head said that they are working on the preparations to mark Ashura, in accordance with the precautionary measures approved by the relevant authorities, in order to protect public health and safety.

The ban on gatherings and adherence to wearing facemasks and other preventive measures to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) are essential in marking Ashura, as public health and safety is a fundamental issue and there can be no complacency that might put people’s safety at risk, he added.

“Indicators confirm that overcoming the coronavirus will take time and that it requires efforts, cooperation and commitment from everyone,” he said. “Preventing gatherings and direct contacts and achieving social distancing are the pillars for the success of such efforts.”

The current exceptional health conditions require all people to have a high degree of national responsibility for the sake of public safety, which calls for adopting modern ways to commemorate the occasion, such as online broadcasting and practising rituals and organising events remotely, he added.

“We are waiting for the detailed procedures approved by the concerned authorities,” he added. “We will fully comply with them in order to achieve a safe and peaceful commemoration of the Ashura activities that are based on promoting tolerant Islamic spirituality and values.” Ashura is the anniversary of the death of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and the occasion is usually commemorated through emotional marches and speeches.

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