The use of alcohol-based hand sanitiser is permissible when performing prayers as it is considered a necessity and forgivable, according to the Office of the Federal Territory Mufti.

The matter was clarified through the mufti’s official portal yesterday, which responded to the Muslim community’s concern whether alcohol-based sanitisers were considered unclean due to their alcohol content.

According to the portal, the National Fatwa Council’s Committee ruled that alcohol that is not produced through the process of making liquor is not unclean but ‘haram’ (not permissible) to be consumed, whereas alcohol from the process of making liquor is considered haram and unclean.

“It can be concluded that the hand sanitiser can be used when performing prayers and is not considered unclean.

“This is clear as the National Fatwa Council’s Committee had decided that medications and fragrances containing alcohol are a necessity and therefore (using these) is forgivable,” the portal added.

Meanwhile, the mufti’s office said the practice of maintaining hygiene was a major factor in reducing the risk of Covid-19 infection.

This is in line with the Ministry of Health’s advice to the public to maintain personal hygiene, such as washing hands with soap and water or using a disinfectant.

– Bernama

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