• Abraham is the father of the nations of Ishmael and Jacob
  • Abraham was willing at the Akeda binding to sacrifice everything for peace
  • Religion and nationalism are important even in the light of the universal truth

The agreement made between Israel and UAE was given the name Abraham Accords. The agreement was reached through the work of President Trump negotiating between the ministers of UAE and Netanyahu-Gantz.  It is called Abraham Accords because both nations UAE and Israel are related to religions which are connected to Abraham called the father of nations in the Bible, Genesis.  God appeared to Abraham Genesis 12, And God said to Abraham go out from your homeland to the land which I will show you. I will make from you a great nation, and glorify your name to be blessed. Calling the peace treaty Abraham Accords is a fulfillment of this prophecy to glorify the name Abraham and to call the peace agreement Abraham Accords.

The picture depicts the Akeida binding of Isaac by Abraham on the altar.

Not everyone believes that this agreement will last.  The right-wing Zionist party feels that the deal is worthless. The Palestinians, Turkey, and Iran are against the treaty. This treaty follows the treaty made 26 years ago in Camp David between Egypt, Jordan and Israel. UAE is the first gulf Arab nation to make normal diplomatic relations with Israel.

There is opposition to this treaty on both sides from the Ultra-Orthodox Islamic and Jewish Zionists. Jared Kushner mentioned in his introductory speech that to make this treaty it was necessary to sacrifice some holy cows. He was referring to Islamic and Jewish religious fundamentalists. Both Islam and Jewish claim that their forefather was the favorite of Abraham. Islam is connected to Ishmael the first child born to Abraham from his wife Hagar, and Judaism comes from Isaac the son of Abraham born from his wife Sarah.

To Abraham there were no favorites. He loved both of his children equally.  However, Abraham was closer to his wife Sarah who he married while living in his father’s home before beginning on his journey to Israel. Sarah was barren until her old age. She allowed Abraham to take another wife, Hagar from a distinguished family the daughters of Pharaoh to have a child. Hagar gave birth to Ishmael. Through a miracle at the age of 90 years old Sarah gave birth to Isaac. Abraham was 86 years old when was born Ishmael. Thirteen years later Sarah gave birth to Isaac.  Ishmael at the age of 13, and Abraham at the age of 99 were circumcised on same day.

God appeared before Abraham and his whole household after they were circumcised to tell him that he would later have a son from Sarah who would receive from God his covenant to born from him kings of the nations. Also, God told Abraham that Ishmael will be blessed to become a great nation. Shortly after Sarah gave birth to Isaac, she requested that Abraham send away Hagar his second wife with her son Ishmael who was already 13 years old. Abraham loved both children but there was jealousy between the mothers.

Several years later, God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac on an altar which Abraham and Isaac agreed to. He rose up early in the morning, saddled his donkey and took with him Ishmael and his servant Eliezer to accompany him and his son Isaac on the journey. When Abraham began to slaughter his son Isaac on the altar, an angel came down from heaven to stop him.

The Koran disagrees with this story and claims that the intention of Abraham was to sacrifice on the altar first Ishmael.  They claim that Ishmael is the chosen son of Abraham and God. The Bible speaks about the intended slaughter of Isaac but in the major Jewish commentary of Rashi, says that Ishmael and Eliezer the servant of Abraham were present at the Akeda.  Abraham agreed to slaughter Isaac or Ishmael or both.  Abraham loved both of his children but his love for God took preference over his love for his family.

Family jealousy has caused hatred between Jews and Muslims.  Jews claim that Isaac is the chosen son and the chosen people. Islamic claim Ishmael is the chosen son and the chosen people. The jealousy between these two families was caused by their mothers; the not by Abraham or God. The fact that Abraham was willing to sacrifice his two beloved children proves that jealousy and hatred are against the will of God.

President Trump meets with Sheik Mohammed Zayed.

The Abraham Accords reveals the righteousness of Abraham who was against jealousy and hatred even to the extent that he was willing to sacrifice his dear children. For sure God does not distinguish between them.  Each person is judged by his own merits. The Jewish people did not succeed to fulfill the prophecy to become a great nation without their sincere efforts to follow the Law of Moses.

The people of Ishmael also have reached their greatness the fulfillment of the prophecy received by Abraham through the blessing of God and their own sincere efforts to follow their scriptures.  Their agreement at the Abraham Accords was a sacrifice for both of them like the Akeda binding of Isaac to Abraham.

Moses who wrote the Bible was the greatest of prophets. Jews recite when the Torah is raised up in the synagogues Moses is truth and his Torah is truth. The Torah reveals the Akeda the sacrifice of Abraham of his dearest son. At the Akeda were Isaac, Ishmael and Eliezer the servant of Abraham. God did not let Abraham to harm Isaac or Ishmael. He may have also slaughtered himself after slaughtering his two dear children. Then would-be left-over Eliezer his servant with the sad news about the death of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael.

Jared Kushner mentioned in his speech that to reach this agreement was required to sacrifice holy cows. Religions and nations throughout the world survive through national pride. They go to war to defend their nations and the families living in them. At the Akeda, Abraham went to war for the sake of World peace. He was willing to sacrifice national peace for World Peace.

There is a universal light and a national light in the creation of God. Because of the evil of mankind, jealousy and hatred civilization is forced to separate into tribes, families and nations. Even though the universal light of complete oneness is greater, it is not practical in a world filled with jealousy and evil. For this reason, is needed strong governments enforcing justice in the way of mercy and freedom. It is possible to connect to the universal light of God which is revealed through the Universal Faith but religion and nationalism remain necessary.

Judaism, Islam and Christianity came after the revelation of God at Mount Sinai. At Mount Sinai was revealed the universal light. When Moses saw the Golden Calf, he broke the first set of tablets written by God. He already gave up hope for the Universal light and gave the Jewish people a National Religion.  From Judaism came Christianity and Islam each one coming after a new revelation of the universal light.  The Catholic Church is called the universal church. Catholicism is a religion but Pope Francis extended himself to visit this year the UAE to be the first Pope to pray in their land. The universal light threatens national interests but to make peace is always a sacrifice like the Akeda.  Judaism, Christianity and Islam are separate religions but they are united by a universal faith and revelation. Today the universal faith is revealed in Baha”i, and in Judaism is revealed through Chassidism, progressive Jewish spirituality.

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