Bristol’s contemporary art gallery That Art has collaborated with Dubai’s Ayyam Gallery to showcase six works by Arab artists in the Mall of the Emirates.



  • ‘The Game’

    A 2011 work by Palestinian artist Oussama Diab in 2011, who explores the endurance of man amid the power struggles of good and evil.

  • ‘Wedding’

    Diab, who lives and works in Beirut, also created “Wedding” in 2011. With each series he adopts a different painting style, reflecting the impermanent nature of art.

  • ‘Trial No.120 2016’

    Sharjah-based artist Mouteea Murad’s work unifies spirituality and formalism, drawing influence from the geometric forms and motifs of Islamic art.

  • ‘Trial No.120 2015’

    In Murad’s compositions, including “Trial No. 120 2015,” the artist builds on the breakthroughs of previous movements, experimenting with automatic brushwork.

  • ‘Self-Portrait Series’

    Dominated by vivacious childlike figures in various scenarios, Mohannad Orabi’s paintings reflect his interest in the spontaneity of process and the liberation of form that emerges when art is created intuitively without fixed directives.

  • ‘Mythological Bird’

    Informed by readings in literature, philosophy and theory, many of Syrian artist Nihad Al-Turk’s deeply psychological compositions can be read as allegorical self-portraits.

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